Carnival World is a new Horror Webcomic.

A group of kids enter a carnival ride and find themselves transported into a strange and dangerous world. 

If you like what you see you can support our Kickstarter Campaign . The goal of our campaign is to get enough money to finish and publish a hard copy of Issue One.

Carnival World began life as a series of short stories written by Tawny Stokes author of Static and Michael J Lee author of My Frankenstein. It was a love letter to the Stephen King stories of old very much in the vein of Stranger Things (thought published on Amazon many years before the Netflix show.) It also drew inspiration from the old Dungeons and Dragons Saturday morning cartoon and the several horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

Later on Becca Taunton-Renwick better known as Becca TR joined the project to help turn it into a webcomic. Becca brought in her unique artistic sense as well as a love for horror video games.

Carnival World centers around six kids who visit a traveling carnival one night in the small town of Crooks. They get on the caterpillar ride but when they get off things are very, very different.

Summer worries about her kid brother Sam but she can't help but notice she's in the same line as her crush Darien, the star quarterback. She also can't ignore the icy stares she's getting from Nicole, Darien's catty girlfriend.




Maddy and Justin are twins and they do everything together. They're at the carnival to try and forget what's going on at home with their bickering parents. Ryan may look like a punk but he possesses hidden talents. He's smart enough to take some advanced courses at a nearby college. And he knows kendo.